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​Biblical Tools:
 Grace To You - is the resource page of John MacArthur. His sermons and presentation of theology I have found to bring great clarity, profound thoughts, and trustworthy conclusions because he was based and built his forty-year ministry at Grace Community from a love and devotion to the Bible. You can hear his teaching on a particular topic or Scripture.

NET Bible - is the resource page of the NET Bible (New English Translation), which is a modern translation from the original Greek and Hebrew text by the professors of Dallas Theological Seminary. Of special interest here are the NET Notes, which are particularly helpful on the Old Testament. The NET's translation of the Psalms and Proverbs, which reflect the most up to date understanding of Hebrew and ancient cultures of the Bible is also very valuable.

Blue Letter Bible - is a great page to view the Bible in various translations, have access to the original languages, commentaries, and Bible dictionaries.

Institute For Creation Research (ICR) - is a great organization that conducts research and provides educational material on areas of science from a conservative biblical perspective. My family and I especially enjoy the "That's A Fact" videos that provide short and pithy answers to various questions and popular but unbiblical beliefs (click here).

New City Catechism - a 52 week series grounding you in basic, orthodox theology.