Simple Church, For His Glory
Our History
Grace Fellowship began with a handful of believers who wanted to meet together to study God's Word in depth, seeking to understand His words and how they change us, to have God as the center of worship through hymns, songs, and Scripture readings, to be together as families, and to grow as a community who love each other.
We began meeting the home of Jason and Kim Hauffe in April of 2011 and began to study the book of Ephesians. Our goal was to take things slowly, to be sensitive to the leading of His Spirit through the Word, and to establish an assembly based on the principles and functions God has set out for us in the Bible. As a result of this initial study, we saw clearly that the purpose of God's people gathering as a body is to grow in our faith and relationship with God, to grow in our maturity in Christ as His disciples, and to grow in our loving relationships with one another through the power of His Spirit (Eph 4:11-16). We believe the church is a place where the Truth of God in His Word is honored, studied, preserved, guarded, defended, taught, and passed down and where the gospel life is modeled, discipled, and shared as we love and serve one another (Titus).

The pastor of Grace Fellowship of Waxahachie is Jason Hauffe. Jason was born and raised in Hazlet, New Jersey. He has a Bible diploma from Word of Life Bible institute in Scroonlake, New York. He then received his Bachelor of Science in Pastoral Theology from Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia. It was at this time that God brought Kim into Jason's life and they were married in the Spring of 1996. He then completed further studies at Liberty Seminary earning a Master's of Art in Religious Studies (MAR), a Master's of Divinity in Theology and Philosophy (MDiv), and a Master's of Art in Religion with a concentration in New Testament Greek (MA). During his studies, Jason began his teaching ministry among the students where his love for teaching the things of God steadily grew. Jason and Kim moved to Waxahachie as Jason began his PhD degree in New Testament studies at Dallas Theological Seminary in 2004 and has graduated in May, 2015. He is now passionately applying the tools and abilities of his education to the preaching of God's Word in service to and love for the saints.  ​